Rolling With The Times: The Business Benefits of Going Green

While 90% of Australian businesses are interested in being environmentally sustainable, only half are actively doing their share, according to HP Australia. That is an interesting thought given that sustainable and eco-friendly technology is consistently improving. In order to get brands and businesses to be more environmentally aware, they must get a clear understanding of the benefits they can reap from solar panels and the like. So what sort of benefits exist? 

Energy Cost Savings and Rebates

One of the ways retailers can become green is by embracing energy efficiency. Solar panel technology is a gateway to energy cost savings and energy efficiency. It’s also an opportunity to earn more money. A good example of this is David Green of Melbourne who sheared off nearly $500 from his energy bill by installing solar panels. Beyond that, he was able to earn $800 from the government as any excess energy he generates gets sent into the grid which is distributed to other consumers. These are savings and earnings that savvy businesses can take part in and it’s all because of embracing eco-friendly solutions.

Green Fund Loan 

The Australian government is also embracing the sustainability movement and is actively empowering consumers to do the same. A common concern about renewable technology is the initial hefty cost that goes along with it. Australia’s answer to that is the Sustainable Australia Fund wherein consumers and businesses can offset the costs of solar panel installation prices through a loan that can be paid over a 20-year period. Needless to say, switching to sustainable technologies is an affordable and practical move that every business will benefit from.

Sustainable Consumer Benefit

Businesses listen to the loudest voice and this voice belongs to their consumers. Roughly 83% of Australians expressed that it was extremely important to them that brands offer environmentally friendly products and services, according to Accenture. From the packaging to the materials, consumers are now highly discerning about the brands they patronise. If a brand does not share a client’s conservation-led advocacy, those consumers are less likely to be customers. When brands do not adjust accordingly, their profit margins will eventually suffer. So businesses that embrace solar technology effectively attract consumers who are concerned about sustainability and the environment.

The concept of sustainability is not just a trend with benefits, it is virtually a necessity. Businesses must realise by now that being eco-friendly isn’t just a statement or a PR move. It is something that they and the community they are a part of will ultimately benefit from.

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Complete Office Supplies Private Solar Investment

Complete Office Supplies have invested $1m in rooftop PV solar at their Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane location, according to Stationery News. The sites have been developed by Sun Connect. With many large scale solar farms being announced lately, it’s great to hear more about private solar investment.

Private Solar Investment – COS

Complete Office Supplies Private Solar Investment
Complete Office Supplies Logo (source:

The project will be constructed on 8,390 square metres of warehouse space at the three aforementioned locations. This space will house 1,500 PV solar panels.

The three sites will produce 611MWh of solar energy per annum, which is enough to account for 80% of COS’ power usage. Installing this large scale PV solar will reduce their carbon emissions by 532 tonnes a year – which is equal to removing 133 cars from the roads or growing 3191 mature trees. This energy generation will be reflected by the installation of a live widget on the Complete Office Supplies website which will show how much energy the panels are creating and keep a running tally of the investment.

Although this option may not be feasible for some companies, where, for example, shareholders demand immediate results –  the Managing Director of COS, Dominique Lyone, was quoted as saying “as COS is privately owned we have the freedom to make long-term decisions that may not have an immediate return on investment.” The CEO of Sun Connect, Mark Tuke, was also full of praise for the project – noting that “COS’ investment in solar technology demonstrates its level of genuine commitment to sustainable energy solutions. This level of investment is rare within the private sector and it is encouraging to see the environmental leadership by COS to drive positive change for a sustainable future. This was one of the largest commercial solar panel installations undertaken by Sun Connect.”

We’ve embedded a video below where you can learn more about the installation – kudos to COS and the team for their forward thinking stance and we’re sure it’ll pay off handsomely.

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