XXXX Beer and Commercial Solar

A rooftop solar system has been installed at the Castlemaine Perkins brewery in Milton, Brisbane. The XXXX brewery is a local institution and to think that it’ll now be brewed by using renewable power will make it taste even more sweet! Or bitter. I’m not sure of the correct parlance. Anyway. Solar powered milton mangoes. Let’s learn more!

XXXX Beer and Commercial Solar

XXXX Beer and Commercial Solar
XXXX Beer and Commercial Solar (source:

The iconic XXXX brewery has become the latest private company to install commercial solar. Given the price considerations are dropping as the electricity prices remain volatile, more and more companies are taking the leap and investing in commercial solar systems.

A posting on the official Lion website notes that the $2m project has been completed and the 690-kilowatt system will generate approximately 1,368,000 kilowatt hours every year.

“This will reduce the site’s annual carbon emissions by about 1260 tonnes, which is about seven per cent of CO2 emissions from electricity used at XXXX,” Lion’s Group Supply Chain Director Ian Roberts (sadly not the footy player) said.

“We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and being a good neighbour to the many residents and businesses that call Milton home.

“And we will keep the big yellow wheel in place on Milton Road just as a reminder of how far we’ve come. It is change like this that has allowed us to preserve the brewery’s rich history and keep making Queensland’s favourite beer. This is something everyone at XXXX is very proud of.  In addition to the solar power system, we have also installed a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis plant which reuses waste water – enabling XXXX Gold to be produced at a ratio of 2.8 litres of water for every litre of beer produced, which is approaching world-leading levels of efficiency for brewing,” Mr Roberts continued.

I don’t actually know what the big yellow wheel is, but I’ve reached out to Lion. Sounds mildly interesting. Watch this space! 

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Primo Smallgoods Solar – Company to install 3.2MW

Primo Smallgoods are set to install Australia’s biggest commercial solar rooftop PV system with 3.2MW to go up at their Wacol, Brisbane plant in August. 

Primo Smallgoods Solar – Commercial Solar

Primo Smallgoods Solar Installation`
Primo Smallgoods Solar Installation (source:

The installation will cut Primo Smallgoods’ reliance on the grid by 19 percent, according to chief operating officer Bruce Sabatta:

“JBS globally has set sustainability targets to achieve by 2020. These targets cover water, gas, electricity and greenhouse gas emissions amongst others,” he said.

“As part of the JBS business, Primo has a part to play in the reduction of our environmental impact in Australia,” Sabatta was quoting as saying back in June.

“With our new solar panel installation in place, we will use the power generated from the solar panels instead of solely relying on power from the electricity grid.

“We are making significant investments in energy efficiency to lower our carbon footprint and to continue to improve our efficiency leadership position in the industry,” Sabatta continued.

The solar array will be installed by CleanPeak Energy and Todae Solar, following a tendering process by Solar Choice in 2016. Todae are also responsible for the Brisbane Markets’ solar installation and the 12.3MW solar system Stockland are currently rolling out, so they have a lot of experience in these large-scale commercial solar installs. CleanPeak Energy was started by Philip Graham and Jonathan Hare, previously of Citigroup and Origin Energy, in order to work solely on commercial solar – so this job looks like a perfect fit.

“Our model is to effectively work with a customer to deliver a power solution that is renewable and cheaper than their current offer,” Mr Graham was quoted in the AFR.

One Step Off The Grid are reporting that the Primo solar system will generate 4,869MWh of power in its first year – the equivalent of powering 20,032 homes for one year.

This comes at a time where private/commercial investment in large-scale solar is at an all-time high with companies like Hunter Douglas investing in 800Kw earlier this month. 

“This installation is notable for the cutting edge technology that we have chosen, and its cost effectiveness which will see it pay back the investment in a little over four years,” said Tony Politis, Hunter Douglas MD for Australia/NZ.

There are many other commercial solar installs on the books all across Australia, including:

Brisbane Airport are installing a huge 6MW solar array at multiple locations which they are hoping to have complete by the end of 2018. 

BlueScope Steel will buy 200 gigawatt-hours of electricity a year from the Finley solar farm.

Cannington Mine‘s owner, South32, will install a 3MW solar farm across six hectares – to supply the mine’s accommodation village and airport. 


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Brisbane Solar Installers: Compare prices, panels, quotes!

Brisbane receives almost 6 hours of ‘peak sun’ per day. According to the Clean Energy Regulator and the APVI, Queensland leads the charge of percentage of dwellings with a PV system – at around 32% – with over 1600MW in installed PV generation and almost the same again in the pipeline. Brisbane solar, especially for residential homes, plays a major part in this.

As such, many Brisbane and Queensland citizens have taken advantage of the power of solar, but haven’t taken a look at solar batteries. Whether you are looking to upgrade your panels, put in a new system, or add solar battery storage to your place, Saving With Solar can help. Read on below to learn more about our list of Brisbane solar companies and which steps you should be taking to ensure you get the maximum result to save the most money with your solar installation!

Brisbane Solar Installers
Brisbane Solar (source:

Best Solar Installers in Brisbane

There are many solar companies in Brisbane and we’ve come up with some below.

Some other Brisbane solar quotes are available from:

Brisbane Solar Battery Quotes

As we noted before, over 30% of the households in Brisbane already have solar panels on them. If you’re not on one of the 44c/kWh grandfathered tariff plans, you can often save money but installing a solar battery and changing to a peak/off peak tariff with your solar provider.

Although the Tesla Powerwall 2 is all the rage and some people are even waiting for the Powerwall 3 release date, there are a range of options that are just as functional with less of a price tag:

Solar Battery Comparison

How much money can I save?

This is quite difficult to answer without looking at your specific circumstances, but we can give you a rough idea before handing you over to one of our qualified installers. First of all, ideally you would like your panels to be facing north on an angle around 20-40′ from horizontal to receive maximum efficiency from your panels. In a perfect world this isn’t always possible but as long as you sit down with your installer and conduct a thorough analysis of your roof you’ll be able to maximise your result. Sometimes even if you’re not able to achieve optimum conditions due to trees, roof sloping or location, simply adding an extra solar panel can be enough to make up the shortfall.

In short, although not all houses will be able to get the ‘optimum’ orientation – it’s important that you use a trusted solar installer who will sit down with you and use the latest technology to offer you the best result for your circumstances.

Brisbane Solar Output (assuming ~85% efficiency)
System Size
Averaged (over a year) daily output
1.5kW 5.7kWh
2kW 9kWh
3kW 13.5kWh
4kW 19kWh
5kW 23kWh
10kW 46kWh

Brisbane Solar Uptake – Suburb by Suburb

Which suburbs in Brisbane have the most solar power installed? Have a look at this data from the Energex website, current as of September 2017:

Suburb Postcode Count Installed Solar PV Capacity (kW)
VALDORA 4561 87 15380.25
BUDERIM 4556 3616 12458.64
CABOOLTURE 4510 2643 10172.896
NARANGBA 4504 2572 9799.02
FOREST LAKE 4078 2725 9046.67
MORAYFIELD 4506 2342 8865.87
HELENSVALE 4212 2384 8740.6
UPPER COOMERA 4209 2241 8622.13
NORTH LAKES 4509 2168 8201.44
CAPALABA 4157 2231 8039.74
JIMBOOMBA 4280 1966 7738.79
DECEPTION BAY 4508 2093 7557.52
ALBANY CREEK 4035 2089 7556.24
SUNNYBANK HILLS 4109 2293 7546.04
BURPENGARY 4505 1970 7455.79
REDLAND BAY 4165 2040 7444.71
BRACKEN RIDGE 4017 2164 7375.96
KALLANGUR 4503 2108 7346.11
ROBINA 4226 2078 7299.9
ALEXANDRA HILLS 4161 2129 7293.86
CARINDALE 4152 1991 7285.67
THORNLANDS 4164 1892 7026.035
NERANG 4211 1725 6795.19
VICTORIA POINT 4165 2054 6717.71
BIRKDALE 4159 1960 6674.81
THE GAP 4061 1773 6341.795
CALAMVALE 4116 1971 6326.41
ORMEAU 4208 1572 6011.09
EIGHT MILE PLAINS 4113 1708 5946.45

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