LG ESS Battery Launch – Residential Energy Storage

LG have released a new LG ESS battery and inverter, and have upgraded their NeON solar panel range for 2019. Let’s take a look at some of the changes!  

LG ESS battery and inverter

LG have consistently led the way with regards to high quality solar panels, so it’s great to see them foray into home energy storage. Let’s take a look at the product a little closer:

LG ESS Battery and Inverter
LG ESS Battery and Inverter (source: lgenergy.com.au)
“Delivering high-quality energy solutions for homeowners is a top priority for us,” said Markus Lambert, General Manager Solar & Energy for LG Electronics Australia discussed what adding a residential ESS (Energy Storage Solution) will mean for the LG solar brand:
“The addition of the ESS to our energy portfolio will enable us to support Australian homeowners with a 3 phase electric power and their demand for greater control over their residential energy consumption.”
The LG ESS battery and inverter is also modular – it can store up to 12.8kWh by installing the 6.4kWh battery packs. All of the devices are covered by a 10 year Australian product warranty. 
In addition to the ESS, LG Electronics also introduced their 2019 range of NeON®R and NeON®2 premium solar panels, which will have a performance upgrade to 370W and 380W as well as a 400W 72 cell panel. All NeON solar panels have a 25 year warranty. To be frank, these panels are quite expensive, but if space is a premium and/or you want to get the best result possible, they are highly recommended. Mr Lambert discussed the benefits of the new panels:
“Residential dwellings are constantly evolving, just like homeowners’ energy needs,” he said.
“These higher efficiency panels will benefit homeowners with limited roof space, as well as those looking to deploy energy-intense technologies, like electric vehicle charging stations.”
If you’re interested in learning more about LG’s new product range please click here to view their website or feel free to leave a comment below and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction! 

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LG announce the new NeON 2 Solar Panel (LG330N1C)

First announced in late 2016, the new LG NeON 2 solar panel (LG330N1C) is now only a few weeks away from being available in Australia. Its predecessor, the LG320N1C (315w) is still available but for those in the research phase looking for cutting edge panels we suggest taking a look at the new NeON 2.

It boasts the following specs which really makes it stand out from some of the more conventional solar panels on the market:

  • 330W (260w is standard, previous model was 315w)
  • 12 Years Parts & Labour Product Warranty (was previously 10 years – now lengthened to help
  • Similar size to 260w (standard) panels – meaning 27% more electricity per square metre.
  • 25 Year Performance guarantee – although all panels degrade slowly due to the nature of the cells, LG guarantee 83.6% warranted output after 25 years.
  • Power Tolerance 0/+3% – this means you can be guaranteed 330w as a minimum and up to 340w.
  • 60 Cell Design
  • Durable design for rough weather – the NeON 2 can withstand a front load of 6000 pascals (5400 is standard) – and a rear/wind load of 5400 pascals (2400 is standard).
  • Bifacial (double-sided) panels are able to generate electricity from both sides which means the total output capacity has been raised due to the improved temperature co-efficient – and the Neon 2 panels will also produce more energy than normal solar panels under cloud cover – as much as 43%.

Markus Lambert, the MD of LG Solar Australia said that the development of bifacial cells in a translucent panel product had taken LG’s technology “to the next level”.

“The bifacial cells can generate more power within a consistently small area, helping to boost efficiency and reduce the overall cost of a PV system. The LG NeON 2 BiFacial module raises the bar for the solar industry once more taking competition to the next level,” Lambert said.

LG NeON 2 Solar Panel - LG330N1C
LG NeON 2 Solar Panel – LG330N1C

View the official spec sheet of the new LG NeON 2 (LG325/330N1C-A5) here – LG NeON 2 Spec Sheet.

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View the installation manual by clicking here. 

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