Logan solar trial to go ahead for low-income households.

Logan solar power has received a boost as Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s state government offer a solar trial for low-income families, following the success of similar schemes in Cairns and Rockhampton. 

Logan Solar Systems for low-income households

Logan Solar Systems for low-income househoulds
Logan Solar Systems for low-income househoulds (source: AFR.com)

According to Yahoo, the solar panels will be installed on selected state-owned homes in the Waterford, Coomera, Woodridge, Logan, Algester and Springwood electorates. It appears that a discounted per kilowatt-hour price will be offered to those who join the scheme. 

Click here to view the statement on the Queensland government’s website about expressions of interest to find an energy partner for the Logan solar trial. 

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham spoke about the savings that can be had for families undertaking this scheme:

“The Queensland Government is committed to increasing the uptake of renewable energy to drive jobs and investment and reduce emissions.

“In Cairns and Rockhampton we are expecting to see savings of up to $250 per year on electricity bills and we want to bring savings to tenants in Logan as well,” Dr Lynham said.

According to the press release, more than 800 solar panel systems have been installed in Cairns and Rockhampton as part of the scheme; and now it’s greater Brisbane’s turn. 

The possibility of solar job creation through this scheme is something the government is also carefully considering: 

“One aspect we will look at is whether the successful tenderer will employ local tradies, including electricians and suppliers,” State Development Minister Cameron Dick said on Monday.

“Logan households will then be invited to participate in the program.”

“The Palaszczuk Government is committed to helping Queenslanders with their cost of living pressures and this will help some of our most vulnerable people,” Mr Dick continued.

Click here to view the statement on the Queensland government’s website about expressions of interest to find an energy partner for the Logan solar trial.  It’s also on the QTenders website from 9 July 2018 – https://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/qtenders/

Great news for those following Annastacia Palaszczuk’s environmental policies after also announcing no-interest solar loans in QLD earlier this year under their ‘Powering Queensland’s Future’ plan.

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Solar Bins Australia – Compacting, Wi-Fi, and more!

A company named Solar Bins Australia is offering a bin which uses solar power to self-compact rubbish. They then inform the waste contractor when they’re full and need to be emptied. Maybe not the most glamours application of solar power we’ve seen lately, but certainly something which proves some of the more lateral benefits that solar power can have! 

Solar Bins Australia

Solar Bins Australia - BigBelly Solar Bin in Hastings Street, Noosa
Solar Bins Australia – BigBelly Solar Bin in Hastings Street, Noosa (source: solarbins.com.au)

The BigBelly ‘smart city platform’ was developed in Needham, Massachusetts and offers multiple eco-friendly solutions, including their solar bin (which is resold in Australia by Solar Bins Australia) – it has a reasonably high initial cost but the benefits are vast and will save a lot of money in the long run:

  • The bin has 600L capacity and automatically compacts when it’s full (this is 5 times the capacity of standard 120L wheelie bins)
  • Partners with ‘Smartbelly’ so you can connect with it to see how full it is, offer wi-fi, and much more.
  • According to their website, it’s proven to reduce street bin collections by 86% on average.
  • Highly customisable – you can include side panels, an ashtray, a security shield, a foot pedal, or personalise it with wraps and stickers. 
  • The bin sends an email and a text when it’s 85% full, so there’s no wasted time going to empty bins that are only 20% full (and conversely, bins won’t overflow, attracting vermin and scattering rubbish around the place).
  • As such, these are great not only for the council (where they have been installed in Cairns), but large private workplaces, universities, or anywhere that has a large number of rubbish bins. 

Solar Bins Cairns

According to the Cairns Post, solar-powered recycling bins are now installed on the Esplanade at Cairns beside the Muddy’s Playground. The council’s water and waste spokesman Cr Richie Bates said he was ‘pumped’ about the installation, and it’s great to see another example of councils utilising solar power and minimising their carbon footprint:

“The council is being smart about embracing new waste management technologies.” said Cr Bates. 

Have you had any experience using one of these solar powered bins? How was it? Let us know in the comments! 

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