Tesla Solar Roof Shingles in Australia

15.05.2017 UPDATE: More news on the Tesla Solar Roof as Elon Musk tweeted the Tesla Solar Roof Australia release date. (click to read more).

Tesla Solar Roof Panel Release Date

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, who recently told Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull he thinks renewable energy and storage are ‘arguably (the) biggest disruption since DC to AC‘ unveiled plans for the new Tesla Solar Roof (correction: they’re thinking about a solar home) back in October last year. As yet, there hadn’t been a release date for the Tesla solar panels but Musk tweeted @HolsMichael last week that they will ‘Start taking orders in April’.

The panels, being touted as ‘the new solar shingles‘, will look just like ordinary tiles but are actually made of textured glass – allowing light to pass through them onto a solar cell situated beneath. According to Bloomberg the cells will be manufactured by Panasonic and the rest done by Tesla. They are in a unique position following a decisive vote (85%) by shareholders to a $2b deal to acquire SolarCity back in November. The purchase of SolarCity, America’s biggest rooftop installer, opens up some amazing opportunities for the company who certainly can’t be castigated for their ‘big picture’ approach and the great vision of Musk. Will Tesla work as a vertically integrated energy firm? Their balance sheet is now laden with debt and they have a lot on their plate including the imminent launch of the Tesla Model 3 – 2017 shapes up as a milestone year for the company.

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Tesla Solar Roof Australia

Tesla Solar Roof OptionsHave a look at the video of the launch of Tesla’s Powerwall 2 and solar roof below:

Tesla Solar Panel Roof Singles in Australia Release Date

As yet, no word on when these will be available in Australia but we’ll be keeping a keen eye out and be sure to update the site as soon as there’s progress on that front! Given that it took Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity (which has no presence outside of the US) to get these going in America we’re not holding our breaths just yet but Musk and Tesla have a habit of moving fast.

With the battery price of lithium ion falling quite quickly and projected to almost halve in the next 8 years, we expect strong progress to ensue.

Battery Price Forecast Australia
Lithium Ion Battery Price Forecast – Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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