Australian Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation Guide

Finally, after a litany of false starts and delays, Australians are beginning to enjoy installations of the Tesla Powerwall 2. Michael V, a user on the Australian based Whirlpool forum, documented the process of his install in a thread yesterday and it looks like the process went fairly smoothly, despite the fact that according to Michael it was the installers’ (Flashpoint Electrical and Solar at Punchbowl) first ‘actual’ install (i.e. they had practised on a prototype before but this was the first customer install). According to Tesla’s Facebook page, on April 28 they said that “Powerwall 2 installations have begun in Australia” but this is the first documented information we have on the process so please have a read and let us know if you have any questions or would like to share your experience with Australian Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation in the comments. We’d love to hear about it.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation and Ordering Process

The installations management team will help you with the Powerwall install process, which is, as far as we can tell, as follows  (please note this is after you’ve already pre-ordered a Tesla Powerwall 2 – there’s a ~2 month backlog in Australia right now so if you’re on the fence (wall?) about it then click here to visit Tesla’s site and order.

The Powerwall Install Process is as follows:

  1. A Tesla Certified Installer (from Downer Group, in Michael’s circumstance) visits your property to carry out a ‘site assessment’ – which will check:
    1. The suitability of your preferred location for Powerwall 2
    2. Site specific information for Tesla to provide a cost proposal for installation.
  2. A ‘proposal and sales agreement’ is prepared and sent within 7 days. Full payment is required 2 days prior to install.
  3. A Tesla Certified Installer visits your premises to install your brand new Powerwall 2!
  4. Powerwall 2 is connected via 3G (preferred) or Wifi so you can update the firmware and use the Tesla Powerwall App on your phone/tablet.

If you’d like to learn more about the actual install process, click here to view the full album of photos from Michael V on Whirlpool.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation Australia
Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation Australia (source Whirlpool via Michael V)

How to order Tesla Powerwall 2

You can either:

  1. Buy Tesla Powerwall 2 online from the official site ($650 AUD deposit will be charged to your credit card), or
  2. Request a callback from the Tesla Powerwall team (they generally respond within one business day).

Read more about the Tesla Powerwall 2 Australia Launch on our main Powerwall page! Find installers, Tesla Powerwall 2 alternatives, and much more.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in the Tesla Solar Roof in Australia click to read our article and information repository about this exciting new technology. Never hurts to be aware that there are also Tesla Solar Roof alternatives out there as well. Do your research before you commit to anything!

Australian Tesla Powerwall 2 Installations
Australian Tesla Powerwall 2 Installations (source:

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6 years ago

I have been told by a company that installs rooftop photovoltaic systems in Western Australia, that “In WA the Tesla Powerwall 2 is not approved for installation at premises by Western Power and we don’t see it getting approved any time soon” . Could clarification please be published, as to whether the Tesla Powerwall2 is in fact, prohibited from being installed in WA, or, is it allowed to be installed in WA? I have also been advised by another company that installs rooftop photovoltaic systems in Western Australia, that storage batteries are not yet available in WA, and, are expected… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Mike

The above response includes “Tesla still have yet to resolve 3 phase connection and are working on offgrid and generator connection functionality.” What about single phase connection? Our house is single phase, and, I am, advised that we are not allowed to have Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries systems installed and in use, for single phase domestic systems, in WA. I understand that Tesla had discontinued production of the DC coupled battery. From connection diagrams that I have seen, the DC coupled system would have allowed a battery system to be installed and connected between the panels and the inverter(s) for… Read more »

Alan Springett
6 years ago

The whole Tesla / Lithium storage battery issue in Australia is a sham …. Lithium storage batteries are classed as “Fire hazard Class 1 (Clause 4.5.3) . They have to be installed “outside” in an external shelter (no fires at night burning yr house down and killing the family thanks.) Overseas, they seem to be able to get away with it, maybe due to much lower ambients. (*2) Ref: (dated 3rd July 2017; Rtrv’d 24/11/17). Also, Lithiums (all of them) degrade under heat (5 years may be typical in Aussie) and on top of that , you shouldn’t charge… Read more »

Adam Donnison
5 years ago
Reply to  Alan Springett

The 5kW refers to the maximum continuous power drain – it is not 5kWH. It has burst capacity of over 7kW, although that is only for supplying power. Charging is limited to 5kW. This does mean that if you have enough solar capacity you can charge from empty in less than 3 hours.

4 years ago

Hello. And Bye.