200MW Sunraysia Solar Farm in Balranald Proposed

Sunraysia Solar Farm Two Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of the Maoneng Group) have proposed to develop a 200MW Solar Farm in Balranald (which situated in southern New South Wales) – if all goes to plan it will be the biggest NSW solar plant – at this point the plant has received approval but is still in the planning phase.

Sunraysia Solar Farm

Sunraysia Solar Farm
Artist’s Rendition – Sunraysia Solar Farm (source:sunraysiasolarfarm.com.au)

The Sunraysia solar farm will be located 17km south of Balranald centre – approximately 140km south-east of Mildura. It’ll consist of around 1,000 hectares of private freehold land and the preliminary layout provides for up to 200MW peak AC (MWp) of solar panels. This is not set in stone, however, the farm is currently in development process and once this is completed Maeoneng are hoping to start construction by the end of 2017. Construction is estimated to run around 12 months.

According to the Maoeng website, their proposal includes the development of a utility scale solar PV farm with a total capacity of 200MWAC. Stage 1 of the proposal would be 109MWAC and stage 2 would be 91MWAC (i.e. already converted into AC power, so factoring in any loss in conversion from direct current). The farm will fulfill Maoneng Group’s commitment to developing and delivering 1GW of solar facilities over Australia during the next six years.

According to the Vice President of Maoeng, Quiao Nan Han, “The development approval will be followed by further consultation with various stakeholders in developing detailed construction management plans,”. The solar farm will produce approximately 530,000MWh of electricity per year and is considering adding battery storage to the project down the track. Maoeneng have already successfully developed the 13MW Mugga Lane solar farm in the ACT.

If you have any questions or would like any more information on the project you can email [email protected] or call them on 02 9199 8599. Alternatively, Maoeng and the Sunraysia Solar Farm have prepared a promotional video about the project which you can view by clicking play below. As always, great to see more investment in renewables!


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