eArche Solar Panels Australian Launch

On March 23 last week the eArche Solar Panels were finally revealed to the world.

Created by the man the industry calls the ‘Sun King’, who is also the founder of Chinese solar company Suntech, Dr Zhengrong Shi (施正荣), Energus‘ eArche panels are unique in quite a few different ways. For one, they’re far lighter than other solar panels – 100kw of rooftop solar traditionally weighs around 8 tonnes, but Energus’ offering will be able to produce the same amount of energy with only 2 tonnes of weight. They’re also semi-flexible and able to be manufactured in custom shapes; as such these panels are filling a literal gap in the market for spaces that were previously unable to house solar for shape/weight concerns.

The 110 Watt, 240 Cell Monocrystalline Modules will be available to the Australian market in the coming weeks.

At the launch Dr Shi was quoted as saying that solar panel pricing is “continuing on its downward trend” and noted there was a reduction in cost of 30% in 2016 – which will continue falling over the coming years. This trend can sometimes lead customers to think about ‘holding off’ – so it depends on your particular circumstances whether it’s worth investing now, or waiting to see what happens in the future. It’s also important to consider energy storage when you’re looking at your solar system so do your research!

eArche Solar Panels
eArche Solar Panels – source: energus.com.au 

Here are some of the other reasons we’re excited about the launch of the eArche Solar Panels:

  • Easy Transport + Installation: Cheaper to move around, easier to install – these panels represent a great economy of scale for installers and end users alike.
  • Lightweight: The eArche Solar Panels weigh up to 75% less than conventional PV solar panels – meaning installations that were previously impossible due to weight concerns (e.g. carports or factories) are now feasible.
  • Flexible: They can be customised to your unique size requirements, can be manufactured as semi-transparent, and are semi-flexible which means they’re able to fit in myriad spaces without the burden of conventional, unwieldy set dimensions.
  • Durable: The eArche panels are rated at 2400 pascals for wind and 5400 pascals for force.
  • Warranty: Energus are offering a 10 year product warranty and a 25 year linear power warranty.

If you’re interested in learning more or ordering the eArch Solar Panels then please click here and fill out the enquiry form or simply phone Energus directly on 1300 090 187.

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