Dubbo Solar project to help Aboriginal families

Dubbo solar power has helped more than 150 homes with solar panels and energy management systems (Eddy) installed in a forward-thinking and experimental project championed by Kenjarhy Solar (partnered with Solar Professionals) and Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation (MPREC)

The Dubbo Solar Grid

Kenjarhy Solar, Solar Professionals and MPREC have created the project in conjunction with the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) to help Dubbo residents enjoy cheaper and environmentally friendly energy to their homes.

The AHO CEO Shane Hamilton told the Daily Liberal “For many Aboriginal families, energy bills can be an enormous drain on their finances,”.

In conjunction with the solar panels, MPREC have offered workshops for AHO tenants covering energy saving tips. Late last year they also hosted a Festival of Energy to help educate tenants about reducing electricity bills.

Solar Jobs in Dubbo

An added bonus to the scheme is that six local Aboriginal men have been hired and trained specially to undertake and maintain the program. Luke McKellar said that “We want to thank Brad Draper and Kenjarhy Solar and Solar Professionals and MPREC for getting us back into the workforce.”.

With hundreds of smaller Aboriginal communities Australia wide where some are paying up to 60c/kWh to power generators, more schemes like this would be a welcome addition to the government’s portfolio of ideas.

 Solar Panels in Dubbo

Dubbo Solar Panels
Dubbo Solar (source: jmedubbo.com)

If you’re in Dubbo and interested in investing in solar power for your home or business, there are a few local companies to check out for quotes:

Please feel free to leave a review in the comments if you’ve had any good experience with any of these companies or email us if you run a Dubbo Solar Business and would like to be included.

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