Sunroof solar mapping tool E.On and Google

The solar partnership between E.ON and Google are bringing their ‘Sunroof’ solar mapping tool to Britain and Italy after great success in Germany and America last year. How long until Google’s Project Sunroof comes to Australia?

Sunroof Solar Mapping Tool

Google Sunroof solar mapping tool
Google Sunroof solar mapping tool in America – could it work in Australia? (site:

We wrote last year about the American rollout of the Project Sunroof which estimated that 79% of all rooftops in America were viable for solar. It resulted in partnerships with SunPower, SunEdison, and Sungevity.

Karsten Wildberger, COO of E.ON spoke about the project: “With Sunroof, we are able to digitise sales of solar systems more intensively and thereby increase the appeal of photovoltaics,” he said.

“It clearly demonstrates the potential benefits of digitalisation for the ongoing shift in energy production. Along with Sunroof and E.ON SolarCloud, we will be developing additional digital products in order to offer our customers the highest degree of independence and security through E.ON solar systems.”

The Project Sunroof solar mapping tools determines the solar potential of millions of buildings (all you need to do is enter your address into the tool) and it will work out using Google’s technology. EON in Germany are reporting that ‘well over’ 10,000 people used the tool to see how viable their rooftop is for solar panel installation. Of course, with the advent of ground solar, it’ll be interesting to see if the tool gets updated to included ground mounted solar. 

After crunching the data, customers in Germany are able to order a solar system consisting of a photovoltaic module and the E.ON SolarCloud, (and Aura battery storage if you want). According to SteelGuru, E.ON also offer what they call a ‘sunshine guarantee’ which says if the solar system doesn’t achieve the amount it projected the company will make up for the shortfall financially. Good old Germans. Remains to be seen how this rollout goes for other countries but we’ll keep you posted.

Google Sunroof Solar Mapping Tool in Australia?

Sadly those in the land down under aren’t able to use the tool – those who do are greeted with “Aw, snap! It looks like we haven’t reached your country yet, but we’re working on it!”

No word from Google if it will come here but we assume it will sooner or later – in the meantime there are a myriad of solar mapping tools already available. These are mostly aimed at solar companies in Australia rather than the end-user.

You can still try a demo – just click here. Gives you a chance to look around all the nice houses in America too.

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Project Sunroof from Google Shows 79% of all USA Rooftops Solar-Viable

Google’s Project Sunroof: March 2017 Update

Whilst not currently Australian related, we’ve been following Google’s “Project Sunroof” with great interest since it launched in 2015. They’ve recently updated the project with some very interesting statistics – including the fact that 79% of all 60 million buildings analysed are ‘technically viable for solar’ i.e. they have enough unshaded area for solar panels. Click here to see an example of the ‘customized savings estimate’ Project Sunroof can provide a residence (including a list of local solar installers, estimated savings and more).


Google Project Sunroof USA
Google Sunroof – Top 10 US Cities With Most Solar Potential (Source)

Google Sunroof Estimator Tool

For those actually in the US, check out their estimator tool which has been updated for March 2017. It’s so advanced it even takes nearby trees and weather patterns into analysis while coming up with savings estimates. The savings estimator tool now covers 40x more US buildings than its 2015 launch.

Google also have a wealth of resources on their ‘‘ website – in 2017 Google’s global operations (this includes data centers and offices) will reach 100% renewable energy (and this is for a company that used 5.7 terawatt-hours (TWh – or for those more mathematically inclined 10^12 watts – i.e. a lot) of electricity in 2015) . They’re the world’s biggest corporate buyers of renewable energy. Click here to read a whitepaper Google published about achieving their target of 100% renewable and ‘going beyond’. With the cost of wind and solar reducing by 60 and 80 percent respectively over the last 6 years, there’s plenty of scope for other large companies to follow Google’s examples and set a target for 100% renewable energy.

For those of us in Australia, we can only hope this project will be rolled out down under eventually. As with Google Maps (launched in USA in 2005 and in Australia in 2008) we can sometimes be a few years behind Google’s technology – but it will be extremely useful when it’s launched down under! (And we assume solar panels and solar storage will be cheaper by then as well)

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