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Solar Energy Western Australia – The Western Australian Department of Finance website has a lot of great information about solar power in Western Australia – click here to read ‘help me go solar’ which will give you a lot of help.

According to the ABC, WA will triple its rooftop solar capacity and more than 40% of its energy will come from renewables by 2030 – so it’s a great time to get invested in the renewables boom. ACcording to CEO of Energy Networks Australia (ENA), John Bradley,  “Western Australia is set to lead the edge-of-grid energy transformation in the coming decade and beyond as more customers continue to take up distributed energy resources like solar and batteries,”.

Your feed-in tariff will be around 8c/kWh in Perth, and it will vary wildly depending on where you are in the rest of Western Australia, which is so sparsely populated it comes with a bunch of unique situations. It’s best to talk to a bunch of providers to help see who can give you the best deal – just be aware that parts of WA are deregulated so the state

Solar Energy Western Australia (PV Solar + Storage) Providers:

Power Ledger is an WA based startup using blockchain based software to facilitate p2p (peer to peer) energy trading. We’ve previously written about blockchain solar and microgrids and in such a large geographic area this makes a lot of sense. Founder of Power Ledger Jemma Green, says that  “We have very high electricity prices here — relative to the national average – plus the amount of sunshine we have, nearly 300 days a year, means the pay-back period for installing this is faster for consumers.” Decentralised solar is definitely something that will grow rapidly over the coming years – you can click here to read an article on Power Ledger’s website about ‘selling your solar power to the neighbours’.

Some other companies worth checking out include:

Solar Energy Western Australia - Horizon Power Supply Areas
Solar Energy Western Australia – Horizon Power Supply Areas (source: Horizon Power)


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